Who we are

LED lighting technology manufacturer

RIKADA is a leading green LED lighting technology manufacturer , established in 2011 as a division of RIKADA Group, was found since 2002 in Bienne –Switzerland , Leader in many fields as fashion, Haute couture, Watches, Accessories, shoes

RIKADA LED Products produced in Bulgaria and for some types of LED Lighting are assembling in UAE as per global standard and under our quality control system.

Since the establishment,RIKADA has devoted itself to research, development and service   of the novel green lighting products and promise to manufacture meaningful products   for consumers as our responsibility, and grown as a leading specialist manufacture  of LED lighting equipment. 

RIKADA innovative maintains a high-grade and endurance through rigorous testing methods at various phases of production, with strict spirit of European terms steadily By providing a range of innovative lighting solutions to care for people's eye, from bringing in the latest core technology and product design.  

For many years of experience, we have completed numerous supply and installation works for residential and commercial projects, building facades, landscaping, fiber optics, LED lighting and more. RIKADA, as a reliable lighting Manufacture, always offers the widest range of lighting equipment, demonstrating high professionalism, new level of service and customer service. 

RIKADA's success lies in the most excellent knowledge of the lighting technology,   as we are proud of its reputation and clientele, both of which have grown considerably  quickly. 

RIKADA has an extensive network of distributors and dealers, with outlets on all major continents and direct representation in Europe, USA, Canada , and in the Middle East from the gate of United Arab Emirates, And planning to extend to all GCC countries.


High Technology:

RIKADA LED is using High Power LED Chips from Tridonic (Austria),
Cree (USA), Nichia & Edison (Japan), Epister (Taiwan) . With high efficiency
LED Drivers from RIKADA ,Tridonic, ELT and Meanwell Brands..

Heat : 

RIKADA LED`s radiate very little heat in the form of IR that can cause
damage to sensitive objects or fab. 

Quality Control :

RIKADA LED post-production products go through IP, current control,
glow wire and driver control tests. All products meet the high
requirements of ISO 9001, ROHS and CE, in order to respond the needs
of national nd international markets. The products are distributed
worldwide, only after they have passed all these tests.

High luminaries: 

Due to high CRI,RIKADA LED provide a clear cris daylight look , and
great brightness.

More reasons to go with RIKADA

RIKADA LED has started focusing on providing custom LED luminaries

 design and ODM business with major manufacturers and developed itself
 to be pioneers, our main objective is to realize successful applications,
 which are aesthetic high quality and providing energy efficiency with
perfect design and engineering. Thus, our team follows new technologies,
innovations and global trends by contacting the world's leading markets. 


RIKADA LED save Energy up to 70 % compared to traditional
incandescent, that usually convert 90 % of the energy it uses to heat
and only 10 % to light .well as the LED uses most of its consumed
energy into useful light .

Long operational life and Guaranty :

RIKADA LED have higher efficiency and a relatively long useful life estimated up to 50,000 hours and long Guaranty for 3-5 up to 7 years

Diversity : 

RIKADA LED one of the most flecible lighting source - manufacture with
wide range of internal, external, landscape and façade Lighting.


Branches & Contact Info

You can Contact us through our various branches

2 Rue Wyttenback
CH -2502 -Bienne 
Tel +41 33 533 36 96 

53124 -Padova (PD) 
Viale F.Cavallotti, 10 
Tel: +39 327 9379965 

Business Bay_Dubai_UAE
Metropolis Tower - 1109
Tel: +971 50 104 6520 

pt: 1209 437 vanier driver, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada 
Tel: +13439963880

Oregon State
Tel: +0019715632931

M. Malka Padina 
2230 Kostinbrod, Bulgaria 
Tel : +359 89 8471270